2023–2028 trials

Registration for the Trials 2023-2028 of MyGardenOfTrees will close on Feb 18 at 24:00 CET! 

If you wish to join us, please register here!

Interested in taking part?

Please first read the general information for future participants

You can find the link to the registration form here. If you have already registered, you will be automatically considered a participant starting fall 2023 and lasting till 2028.

Please note that participants of these trials will receive dry, non-stratified seeds during winter 2023/2024. We expect the participants to install their micro-gardens as soon as possible upon receiving the seeds.

Participants are setting up their micro-gardens!

The 2023-2028 trials have officially started and participants all over Europe are setting up their gardens.

At the beginning of December 2023, after months of hardwork and preparation, we started shipping parcels filled with seeds, material and protocols to all our participants. New micro-gardens are installed every day and more participants are still joining us. Explore the map on the side and look for your own micro-garden or for the one of your fellow foresters!

The map above shows the location of the micro-gardens already installed. Click on the dot to find out more information and to see a picture from each micro-garden. The map has been created on 22.12.23 and will be updated approximately once a week.

Check out our provenances

We collected over 3000 kg of cones and 800 kg of beechnuts

In autumn 2022, we completed an extensive seed collection campaign all over the distribution range of beech and fir. Check the map to see the provenances that our teams of scientists and tree climbers have collected.  

The map above shows the location where our teams have collected cones (conifer icons) and beechnuts (broadleaf icons).

They have already registered!

Discover the location of the future micro-gardens.

Motivated foresters are joining us from all over Europe. Before the next winter, they will set up a micro-garden in their forest and they will monitor it for the next 5 years. Are you interested to join as well? Registration is open. Read more here.

The map shows the location of the 2021-2023 tests (in green) and the location of the future 2023-2028 tests (in dark blue).