2023–2028 trials

Interested in taking part?

Please first read the general information for future participants.

Registration is open and you can find the link to the registration form here. If you have already registered, you will be automatically considered a participant starting fall 2023 and lasting till 2028.

Please note that participants of these trials will receive dry, non-stratified seeds at the beginning of Autumn 2023. We expect the participants to install their micro-gardens as soon as possible upon receiving the seeds.

The seed collection campaign for the trials 2023-2028 is completed!

The seed collection campaign has been an enormous effort which has led to outstanding results. Check the map below to see where our teams have been collecting over the past months.

We collected over 3000 kg of cones and 800 kg of beechnuts which are now stored in different facilities in Switzerland, Croatia and Bulgaria.

The map above shows the location where our teams have collected cones (conifer icons) and beechnuts (broadleaf icons).

Where are our participants?

Discover the location of the future micro-gardens.

The map shows the location of the 2021-2026 tests (in green) and the location of the future tests (in dark blue).

Registration is open. Interested? Read more here.