2021-2026 trials

We are welcoming participants!

Are you a forester working for your country's national forest service? Are you a private forest owner and concerned about the future of your forest? Are you a researcher, a school teacher, a citizen interested in receiving seeds from different provenances and test them in your local forest?

If yes, you could become a participant! Please read first the general information For participants and this page. If you are ready to participate fill in this form to become part of our mailing list and receive all the information you need to get started with your Garden Of Trees!

Please note that we are expecting participants to sow seeds in autumn/early winter of 2021, depending on the region. Because of the large geographic area of the trial, we chose "on-site stratification" of the seeds. Thus, you will receive dry, non-stratified seeds.

In summary

The 2021-2026 trials will be the first large scale trials of MyGardenOfTrees. We are aiming to recruit over 100 participants across Europe and to test about 20 different provenances including silver fir from different parts of the species range, Nordmann fir from the Caucasus, European beech from different parts of the species range and oriental beech from Iran. Trials will last for five years.

The provenances of your seeds

The map below shows the provenances we have obtained so far and that will be used for this phase of the project. Click on the stars to get more information. Please note that for the 2021-2026 trials participants will receive seeds from bulk seed collections (see Glossary).

Your home delivery

Overview of a micro-garden in the forest

To know how to set up your own trial, click on the image below and read the protocol!

How long will it take me?

The table below shows a summary of the time required from participants to set up and monitor the trial, per year. To see a detailed table of time effort required per task, check here!