Tools: ODK Collect and ENKETO

How will I record and send my observations from my micro-garden?

To record and send observations from your micro-garden, you will use either a Mobile Application (ODK Collect) or a Web Form (ENKETO). Why are we using them?

  • To ensure a standardised data collection across all sites.

  • To facilitate your work in the field: you will only need a smartphone!

  • To facilitate our work: all data will be automatically sent to our databases.

How to choose between ODK Collect and ENKETO?

You are:

  • an Android user,

  • the only person in charge of monitoring your micro-garden,

  • owner of a Gmail account or able to create one.

You are:

  • an iPhone or Android user,

  • part of an organisation/team and the monitoring tasks will be shared among different people,

  • unable to use a Gmail account on your phone.