Set Up Your Garden: Frequently Asked Questions

For participants of the Trials 2023-2028

You will find most of the answers to your questions in this video. If not, read below or ask us via!

Until when it is possible to join the project?

We accept registrations until approximately the 31st of January. If in doubt, just write us an email via!

How much soil should I put on top of the seeds? What about litter?

When sowing the seeds, you should cover them with a thin layer of soil. Avoid putting leaves or other litter on top as this might make the observations of germination in the spring difficult.

Are the seeds of good quality?

Yes! In the past months, all seeds (all provenances and all families) have been tested in the climate chambers of WSL to ensure our participants will receive seeds of good quality. Check our result page to know about these tests.

In addition, all the seeds you received have been personally collected by our team following standardised protocols which favoured the selection of productive and healthy trees. The only two provenances which were not collected by our team are the Fagus orientalis from Iran (collected by colleagues of the Caspian Forest Tree Seed Center) and the Abies nordmanniana (collected by the Danish company HD Seed). 

Do I need a special permission if I want to establish the micro-garden in a protected area? What will happen to the seedling after the 5 years of the trial?

If you want to establish the trial in a protected area, you need to consult with the relevant protected area authority. They will inform you if the trial can be established in the area and under which conditions, based on national and/or regional legislation. Please get in touch with them and let us know if you need any help or additional information to support your request. We have already successfully established trials in protected areas in Italy, Hungary and Slovenia.

Can I set up the trial in a clear cut area?

Better not. Silver fir in particular needs shade to develop so, it is preferable to set up the micro-garden under forest cover. Only if this is not possible, you can set up the garden in a clear-cut area, preferably close to the forest edge so that it can still get some shade.

Where should I put the tag once I remove the seed protector from above the seedling?

Once you removed the seed protector in two or three years time, the tag should be moved around the stem of the survived seedling. If more than one seedling survived, it is ok to only have one tag as all seedlings will be close to each other. Alternatively, you can create your own tag.

Can I get access to the monitoring data of my garden?

Yes! You can either collect your own data using the method you prefer (an excel sheet, paper etc...) or you can ask us to send you the data from your garden. Given the big number of participants and our little team, we can only  share the data in bulk at the end of each growing season (once a year at the beginning of autumn). We do not have the capacity to share the data after each monitoring.

Can I get access to the monitoring data of other micro-gardens?

You cannot directly access the data of other participants. We will regularly analyse the data of all micro-gardens and share results in our webpage without disclosing the identity of participants. If you personally know other participants, of course you can contact them and ask them the data. If you plan to use the data for a publication in a local, national or international journal/magazine, please contact us first.