A participatory science project for climate-resilient forests in Europe

What is MyGardenOfTrees?

MyGardenOfTrees is a participatory science project supported by the European Commission and led by a team of researchers from the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL. The aim of MyGardenOfTrees is to evaluate the growth and regeneration capacity of silver fir (Abies alba Mill.) and European beech (Fagus sylvatica L.) through experimental gardens across Europe. Observations obtained from these gardens will be used to develop a prediction tool for foresters to help them build forests better adapted to climate change.

Would you like to know where our future participants are located?

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Would you like to join us?

Join us to be part of a scientific project and to build future forests resilient to climate change!

If you are a forest manager, a forest owner, or an interested citizen (e.g. biology teacher) with relevant authorization from the forest owner, you are welcome to join us! We will help you set up your micro-garden with seeds from various provenances, track the germination, development and growth of trees for 5 years or longer, and share your data with us.

Are you a participant of the trials 2023-2028?

Check out our new video on how to set up a micro-garden!

This video will walk you through the steps that you need to follow to set up your micro-garden. If you follow the steps carefully, it will be easy and fun!


July 2023

We set up a second cycle of germination trials in the climate chambers

We are testing all the seeds collected during our 2022 campaign in the climate chambers of WSL! Before sending the seeds to the participants, we want to test their germination rate under different temperature and humidity conditions, and  different stratification lengths. We have  18 provenances of Abies spp and 14 of Fagus spp (with hundreds of families each) and only two climate chambers: the second cycle has just started!

April 2023

10'000 seed protectors sent to our first 100 registered participants!

We started early to ship the seed protectors to our participants. 100 participants located in Romania, Croatia, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Hungary and Italy already received the seed protectores for the micro-gardens to be installed as part of the Trials 2023-2028. Production and shipping will resume in September 2023 after the summer break!

March 2023

A visit to the LTM group, the company custom-making our seed protectors!

We went to pick up the first batch of seed protectors from our producer in Zero Branco (TV), Italy: LTM group. The LTM team took the opportunity to show us the machines they use to produce the seed protectors: a simple design, but not such a simple production process! Thank you LTM for the warm welcome, the tour of the factory and the great product.