October 2021

We are launching the 2021-2026 trials

September 2021


Seeds jam at WSL

Seeds are coming from all over Europe (and beyond) and filling in our cold room. So far we have provenances from Italy, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Poland, Germany, France and more will come!

In the picture the boxes containing our precious seeds stored in the cold room of WSL.

July 2021



The seeds are starting to germinate in the micro-gardens of our participants

Picture of silver fir germinating in the garden of our participants in Scotland

June 2021


Setting up the trials

Participants have received their tool kits with planting material and seeds and they are setting up the trials in their forests.

Picture from CREA Mont Blanc, Chamonix, France.


Ready to send!

The tool kits to set up the trials are ready to be dispatched to our very first participants in 5 countries: Italy, Scotland, France, Bulgaria and Hungary!

May 2021


Start of the project

We are designing and testing the first version of the protocol that will be used to set up the micro-gardens. To do so, we have established 4 gardens in the forest next to our institute and tested the effects of rodent exclusion cages (in the picture) and weed competition.