MyGardenOfTrees in a nutshell

Why MyGardenOfTrees?

Climate change is taking an unprecedented speed and the future predictions are even more alarming. Forests in Europe represent 40% of its terrestrial ecosystem and harbour much of the European biodiversity.

Forest management strategies that help to adapt European forests to climate change could involve the intentional movement of individuals from other countries or parts of the species range. This strategy is referred to as assisted migration (see Glossary).

The Trials of MyGardenOfTrees use seeds from different places across Europe and distributes them to hundreds of small experimental gardens, each followed by a local forester. The observations from these gardens will be used to create a tool for planning assisted migration programs.

Interested? Read more about the science behind MyGardenOfTrees

A MyGardenOfTrees experiment in France. 25 of these have been established during the 2021-2026 trials and many more will be during the upcoming trials.

Visit the pages of ongoing and future trials


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