Frequently Asked Question

My seedlings are drying out due to lack of rain. Could I water them?

Normally not. This is a trial to study natural regeneration, thereby we do not want you to alter local weather conditions. Even if it is sad for you to see your seedlings dying, remember that we are searching for future seeds that will be able to survive climate change at your growing site. 

PS: If you couldn't resist and watered your seedlings, please inform us and indicate the amount of water you used and where.

There are weeds inside the seed protector, do I remove them?

During the first year of observations, we recommend that you do not remove the seed protectors as the removal may lift up and unroot seedlings. Nevertheless,if you have an excessive growth of weeds that completely fill the seed protector, you may gently lift up the seed protector and cut the weeds with scissors. Never pull them out! From the second year, when seedlings have deeper roots, we may do weed removal by cutting them.

Why do I have to respect the observation order and choose the provenances at each observation? Don't you know them already?

There are several reasons for these

What to do if a seed protector is missing?

If you discover in the field hat a seed protector disappeared together with the label, click on "None" when the provenance is asked. Then click on "no seedlings" and take a picture of the place if requested. From home, please email us on with the following content:

If there are alive seedlings, we will send you a new label and new seed protector.

The seeding spot has been destroyed by an animal (snail, mole, raccoon). What should I do?

If there are no seedlings alive, click on "None" when the provenance is asked. Then click on "no seedlings" and take a picture of the place if requested. This will allow you to pass quickly the phenology questions. If you know the animal that caused the damage, you may add this information in the comments section.

ODK Collect

How do I save a form as a draft in ODK?

Click on the back button of your smartphone, and then click on "Save as a draft". Then, you can find your drafts in "Drafts" in the ODK menu.

How to delete a draft form in ODK?

Open ODK and click on "Delete form" at the bottom of the page. Select the forms you want to delete, and click on "Delete Selected".


Which browser to use with Enketo?

We recommend you to open Enketo in Chrome or Chrome-based browser.

Where can I find my drafts in Enketo?

Open Enketo and click on the hook on the left of the screen (as step 8 here). You will see your draft forms that you can send us.